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Minimized ProtoSS, ~1kb in gzip transfer, (Polymorphism, Prototypes, OOP)

Features on top of regular prototyping: super, superize, setSuper, setSubclass, getSupers, getSupers2, getReversedSupers, superList, superList2, getThis, getSuper, callSuper, callSuper2, callSuperX, callProto, callProto2, callProtoX, hasSuper, is, getNextSuper, getNextSuperX, abstract, implement, interface, final, statis, getSuperName, getSuperName2, namespace, usens, internal, package, rndstr

Examples included: a) Example with function overloads and 2 super classes. Usage of properties and methods.
b) Game Example with Builders, Buildings, Upgrades, Units.
c) Extended Prototypes framework with abstract, interface, implement, final.
d) Extended Prototypes framework with getSuperName, namespace, usens, internal, package.

Published: 2017

Documentation & Source

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